I've been using the Rackspace hosting for the last 6 months and I'm extremly satisfied. The service I've been receiving from Mark has been very fast and kind. He has helped me to overcome technicals issues that had nothing to do with the hosting, but more to configurations of databases for a tracking program. When you use the Rackspace, then you need to ask Mark to manually add that site. Luckily, he's very responsive. The site is usually added in that day, and usually within couple of hours. The first time that I had to setup a wordpress site, I followed the very detailed manual that had been created by Mark (but if you ask he'll setup wordpress on a new site for you). If you deal with internet marketing then I can say from experience that there are so many things that can go wrong with budget hosting. I suggest to minimize the risk and work with a hosting service that is fast, super reliable and scalable. Mark's Rackspace hosting is the solution I use. There's only one word to describe it - CHAKABA! 😀
Shimon Shvartsbroit, Israel
Mark Acutt's Rackspace hosting package is a great deal... but the best part, even beyond the savings, is the customer service.   Every other hosting company I've dealt with in the past makes you jump through the usual corporate "hoops" to get an answer to even the simplest question.   With Mark, I know that all I need to do to resolve any issue I might have is just shoot him a direct email, and I get a response back right away, despite the time difference -- and so fast, I'm not 100% sure the guy sleeps.   Mark's service gets my absolute #1 vote out of all the hosting services I've tried, and I recommend it to anyone who's tired of typical hosting companies that promise the world but end up disappointing.   Mark's lived up to every promise he's made, and more.
Ben Johnson, UK
I've been hosting a select few of my higher traffic/quality sites with Mark for about 2 years now. Mark is consistently great to work with, responds instantly in the few cases I've needed support and manages his end with aplomb. My sites have been doing great on Rackspace Cloud sites and I feel extremely lucky to have the opportunity to host them there for a greatly discounted price. There's not much more to say except Mark's great, Rackspace Cloud is great and you should definitely give it a go. Thanks Mark for the great opportunity and continued support! - Super Satisfied Mark Acutt Rackspace Cloud Sites Hosting Customer -
Shelby Christiansen, USA
I am with Mark's Cloud Hosting since a bit over a Year now. Nowadays every second offer is promoted as a no-brainer offer. But this one is really worth that title! Just have a look what it would cost you if you were hosting directly with Rackspace! I can say that in all the time i never had a problem with my Hosting. There was a question once from my side and it was taken care of very quickly. Mark came even back to me several times by himself to make sure that everything was taken care of. So it is really nice to know that everything is working smoothly and that i can count on a solid support if i should need it. And in the meantime my sites are hosted by one of the most reliable and stable Hostingproviders worldwide, while paying only a Fraction of what it would normally cost me. Who says a Girl can't have it all?! ;)"
Isabelle Bordji, Germany